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Just Because We Can - Free e-Book

Free e-Book - Five articles looking at what we do to equines and why.

Ben Hart

Catching With Ease And Confidence - A Shaping Plan For Success

Whether your horse, donkey or mule is young and inexperienced has an abused background or perhaps if they have recently decided not to be caught, this course will help you to....


Creating Clarity Equine Coaching Package- Working together to overcome equine behaviour problems

Helping you to help your equine and you save £60!


Building confidence and consistency for you- Two legs Confidence Coaching Package

Building your confidence to help your equine and save £50

Ben Hart

How to build more trust - 10 elements to creating a more trusting equine partnership

Free e-book containing 10 posts about trust, choosing who to trust and a film answering four questions about trust

Ben Hart

Leadership V Dominance - How do you tell the difference. Free mini course

Explore the difference between dominance and leadership based on science and how we can apply it to our own relationships