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Starting August 2020

Do you want to enjoy your horse time more, free from the worry and blame you feel from a loss of confidence? Do you want that amazing feeling of being relaxed and calm around your equines? Having that glow of confidence which means you can enjoy your equine partnerships without the constant feeling of “what if this happens” is such liberating sense of achievement. It feels amazing just to be with your equine without that nagging negative little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you can’t do something. Imagine being free of the guilty feeling because you think should be doing more with your equine.  

Some trainers and experts will tell you “you just need to be more confident.” Like you didn’t know that already. But, how do you become more confident? That’s the question I will answer for you in this course, letting you build your personal escape plan, so you are free to be with your equines in any way you choose.

Is all this really possible? Totally! no matter how long you have been lacking confidence or why you lost it in the first place. I have seen many people start from fear and lost confidence and go on to transform their relationships with themselves and their equines. It is time to release these negative feelings by learning how to free your unhelpful thoughts and create a plan to build trust between you and your equine. Even if you don’t currently have an equine this course will prepare you for your next equine partner, hey maybe a lack of confidence is stopping you from getting a new horse and we can fix that too.

This 6 week live online coaching course is designed to give you even more support to change your confidence levels. So you don’t feel overwhelmed, each week I will release just that week's lessons and exercises all of which can be followed in the downloadable exercise booklet. Each Thursday evening, there will be a live online coaching session that will support the week's lessons, answer questions and explain the exercises for the next week. It will be a chance to talk through concepts and concerns and discuss your experiences in a safe space with people who understand. During the week you can ask questions and share experience via the discussion boards.

Hi Ben, last night I completed the My Story exercise, and I wanted to let you know what a profound healing exercise that was for me. The most inciteful question was the one about what advice I would give a friend who came to me with that story. I realised that I already know the answers, strategies and support I can give myself to move on from this story. I now have a deep sense of peace and healing, and know that I have stopped running this story, and can move on. So, thank you xxo” Catherine Arndell

I have spent 20 years working with horses, donkeys and mules and their people. Using the science of behaviour to help people, just like you, free themselves from worry and self-doubt by creating trust and confidence. You will experience a simple logical and horse centred approach to horsemanship that doesn’t use force or expensive equipment. This course focuses on long term sustainable change that you can achieve for yourself even if you have lacked confidence for years. Let me start you on a new path to creating the relationship you always wanted.

Being around equine was supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be relaxing and I firmly believe it should be after all if it’s not, what is the point. In this course, you will be able to explore your own individual story and develop your path to success without fear of judgement or criticism. I am here to help guide and facilitate your learning all you need to do if actually do the course and you will see the changes you want.

In the course, you will learn

  • How to move on and make a fresh start in your equine journey.
  • It is not confidence you lack, learning this one thing will set you free.
  • How to stop blaming yourself and take the pressure off, and smile more.
  • Why is so important to accept a lack of confidence as a positive experience
  • How to change your mind, and emotions forever.
  • Understanding trust - how we lose it, how we get it back and how to keep it.
  • Developing the path to trust - creating and working your plan.
  • Dealing with “helpful others” in a confident way
  • Understanding the two keys to success and using them
  • Building your support network and getting started!

You will leave the course with more confidence and enjoyment of your equine relationships. You will have a clear understanding of how to build your confidence, and a renewed enthusiasm to change the way you feel, even if you have tried and failed in the past to become more confident.

August 13th -Week 1- Making friends with a lack of confidence

August 20th -Week 2 -Changing your confidence story, forever

August 27th -Week 3 - Creating New Beliefs and more self-compassion

September 3rd -Week 4 -Mindset, Mindfulness, Intuition and Courage, you have them all.

September 10th -Week 5 - Finding your motivation and creating a plan that never fails

September 17th -Week 6 – Defending yourself against other people 

 “If you can stop thinking too much, tame the little voice and still the negative self-talk, you will start to feel the truth. The feeling that you can do it, that is the feeling you have just before your thoughts tell you to stop being so silly and give up. Still your thoughts again and you will feel the relationship you "know" you can have with your equine, the future you can have and deserve. You feel the glow of possibility and the sense of unlimited power to decide your own destiny and belief that you are good enough.”

"Ellis Tina. Thank you too Ben, had a great day, very uplifting and inspiring, its good to know you are not alone in your confidence battle and there are people who understand!! I will try and put into practice what I've learnt today and will be taking one comfortable step at a time and trust my instincts😁 look forward to the next session, thank you Ben"

"Lotte Lewis. Feeling inspired! Started my shaping plan tonight. A very simple basic step in some bodies eyes but was outcome was positive and successful. Thank you Ben....I'm believing in this partnership again."

"Jenny Bissex-Carter. Ben. Thank you once again for yet another inspiring session. I shall be back for more :-D"

"Liz Caddis You are so inspiring Ben. Thank you for such an interesting and helpful day. When I got back home I went to see my horse and gave him hugs and carrots and told him I now had a plan for helping him overcome his fears of hacking out alone, although I'd have to write it out first 😜"

I do get it, you have lost your confidence or just got a few trust issues, you are interested in this course, but you are asking “can I really overcome the fear of what if something happens”, perhaps you are thinking what if I take the course and then it doesn’t help, then I am doomed forever, what if I don't have time, what if I feel really uncomfortable?

It is normal and natural to have these thoughts after all you have probably been wrestling with this problem for a while and tried some different stuff. That’s the problem with losing confidence, we start to doubt our own abilities and our thinking starts to spiral negatively. I am however not going to ask you to do anything, you will choose your own steps, your own speed and always I will strive to ensure you never need to take risks!

This online course contains all the content of the Total Confidence Express Training day I run. The course runs live without any horses to ensure no one feels any pressure so in the online version nothing is lost, but I will add in some practical video to increase understanding.  This course has all my experience and humour, keynotes, the exercises of self-discovery, the support to develop your own plan and through the discussion forum I will be able to directly answer your questions

I can promise you will have an understanding of how to overcome the thoughts that are sabotaging your success. You will have a clear vision of where you want to go and have a plan on how to get there. You will feel more empowered, supported and more confident. I will be here afterwards to support you should you need it, but most people hardly need any more support because they have learnt to become self-reliant.

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​IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant, ABTC Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist

Ben Hart

Ben Hart hates injustice and wasted potential, and he has more than 20 years of experience helping people understand the true nature of equines by using the honesty of the science of behaviour to help both animals and their people unlock their true potential. He firmly believes working with equines doesn't have to be complicated, dangerous or stressful and by helping people to understand the true and amazing behaviour of equines, he wants them to better understand each other to make life better for horses, donkeys and Mules. Ben removes the myths and dependence on dominance and forceful training methods and focuses on positive, safe effective solutions that centre on both the animal and the human. Ben's delivery of training is unique, ensuring an outstanding experience that is enjoyable and life-changing. Ben is also the author of several books on equine behaviour and clicker training, as well as the creator of online courses and a unique series of individual equine training plans. He has worked with horses, mules, donkeys and people all over the world: from mustangs and race horses in California, stock horses in Australia, pleasure horses in Canada and Europe, and working equines in Cambodia and Ethiopia, Egypt, Mexico, Kenya.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your course

    • Welcome and Opening instructions

    • Welcome To This Course

    • How to Use Zoom For Our Live Coaching Sessions

    • The link to all six sessions

    • Four questions about your confidence levels please.

  • 2

    Week 1- Making friends with a lack of confidence

    • Aug 13 Week 1- Making friends with a lack of confidence

    • Workbook word version download first

    • Can I really Make this Change

    • Making Friends With a Lack of Confidence

    • What is Confidence

    • Confidence Zone Exercise

    • labeled Confidence Zones PDF

    • Blank template confidence zone

    • Audio Recording of live session

    • The live session recording

    • Q & A Audio Recording for Week One

  • 3

    Week 2 -Changing your story forever

    • Aug 20 Week 2 -Changing your story forever

    • Values and Beliefs

    • Talking About Fear

    • Whats Your Story

    • Changing Beliefs

    • Audio Recording of Week Two Live Session

    • Recording Week 2 Confidence Course

  • 4

    Week 3 - Creating New Beliefs and more self compassion

    • Aug 27 Week 3 - Creating New Beliefs and more self compassion

    • Creating New Beliefs

    • Thinking V Feeling

    • Trust v Confidence

    • 90 Seconds to more self compassion

    • 90 seconds to more compassion(Audio)

    • Three steps to more self-compassion pdf version

    • Week three Live session recording

    • Week 3 Live audio recording

  • 5

    Week 4 -Mindset, Mindfulness, Intuition and Courage

    • Sep 3 Week 4 -Mindset, Mindfulness, Intuition and Courage

    • Mindset

    • Mindfulness

    • mindfulness of breath (Audio)

    • Exercise for Intuition

    • Courage Exercise PDF

    • Facebook Live overview of confidence

    • Courage exercise PDF

    • Week 4 live recording

  • 6

    Week 5 - Finding your motivation and creating a plan

    • Sep 10 Week 5 - Finding your motivation and creating a plan

    • Types of Motivation

    • Four Positions Exercise

    • Getting It Done With Your Equine

    • Successive Approximation from Putting your Horse First Course

    • Go Small

    • Working with Obstacles

    • 60 Second Answer on Confidence for My Horse

    • Week 5 live session recording

    • week 5 confidence live coaching audio

  • 7

    Week 6 - Dealing with other people

    • Sep 17 Week 6 - Dealing with other people

    • Practising Our Relationship

    • Dealing With Others

    • Get it Done Summary

    • Final Course Summary


    • Week 6 Live Session Audio Recording

    • Live recording Week 6


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Excellent Course!

Katherine Pfeffer

This course in Confidence has taught me so much! And, it has also lead to a great deal of soul searching! What I have learned will help me in my daily inte...

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This course in Confidence has taught me so much! And, it has also lead to a great deal of soul searching! What I have learned will help me in my daily interactions with my horses and donkeys, and with my own encounters with other people. Thank you, Ben, for another wonderful course!

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