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Ben Hart

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in your Horse by Building Trust, Confidence and Problem Solving

Ben Hart


Enjoy your time together more by removing anxiety and fear, feel more relaxed and calm with more confidence and learn how to develop the trust in yourself and in your horse so that you can achieve what you have always wanted.

Ben Hart

PUTTING YOUR HORSE FIRST- The 6 Keys to safe, successful equine partnerships

Whatever you want to achieve with your equine, understanding and applying these 6 principles will enhance communication, increase safety, place the equine at the centre of training and develop your ability to help your animal reach their potential.

Ben Hart

How To Set Boundaries That Enhance Your Equine Relationships

This course will help you to plan ahead so you can decide how you want to set boundaries that enhance, working together we can help you master 5 key elements of boundaries. I want you to feel more confident, safer and enjoy your equine time more

Ben Hart

The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Creating Clarity, Calmness and Confidence

Exploring ideas on how clicker training fits within each person’s own journey Ben wants you to leave the course with greater clarity about clicker training and the confidence to use it to enhance your connection and relationship with your equine.