When there is so much negativity around treating equines with the respect their species deserve, it can be hard just to be with your horse, donkey or mule the way you want to be. 

If you are in an environment where it is common to hear phrases like, “you have to show him who is boss” or “you can’t let them get away with that it, they are just disrespecting you.” When people on social media use statements like “she is so naughty” or “ he is just being stubborn” and you know that’s not right but you are not sure how to respond, you can start to feel confusion. You start to question who is right, you doubt yourself and question if you are the mad one.  These experiences and feelings are all part of the principle centred person’s journey to follow their path to a more equine centred relationship. 

If you can’t break out of this negative environment then you start to lose confidence and you stop enjoying your equine time. You will feel the pressure of trying to do the right things for your horse, donkey or mule because often people feel bullied or ridiculed for trying to put their equine’s emotions and welfare at the centre of everything they do. You know there is a better way to be with your equines which is not based on force, pain or ego, but finding like-minded people you can trust to share your journey is hard. 

The people I work with, tell stories of harsh treatment by peers, yard friends and trainers when they have questioned common practices. When they have stood up for the horse and said enough is enough, they have felt empowered, but isolated. 

How can you tell if you are on your own path to finding a more principle centred equine relationship? You will want to learn and improve yourself, but you want some help and guidance to know what's right ethically. However, you want to make up your mind about what's right for you and your equine. You are determined to find your path, and you want to develop the principles to do that safely and effectively.


What do you need to support your journey? You want to understand equine behaviour and be able to choose the best approaches to working with equines based on individual needs and environments.  You want more confidence but you deserve to feel respected while you learn. You want to be able to ask questions without fear of bullying or being made to feel silly. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find somewhere you can feel safe to express yourself, somewhere you aren’t judged for learning and wanting the best for your horse, donkey or mule? 

What would finding your authentic voice mean? You want to feel like you are enough, and though it takes time and some concentration you have permission to try and walk your own path. You want to be empowered to find your voice, so you can be there for your horse, donkey or mule in any environment. Then you want to be encouraged to grow in confidence to speak authentically to others. Finally, wouldn’t it be great if you learnt to share your knowledge using your authentic voice to help others grow and follow their path?  

What do you want from your community? You know that learning takes time and you aren’t looking for a quick fix, but you are busy, you have lots to do, so you don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much. You want to bring who you are to a group of people who will recognise your journey and who will not judge you for mistakes. You want to feel like the group is there to help you, support you and empower you and your equines.  You are a pioneer in building better equine-human relationships, you feel should be able to make your journey to horsemanship without fear of being different. You shouldn’t have to question if you are right to believe treating horses with more respect and consideration can lead to a connected, safe trusting equine relationship.

"Claudi Becker, Thank you Ben. Really loved the course and got so much from it. It's great to see your passion and commitment to guide us along the path" 

It takes courage to change. Everyone is on a journey and we all evolve at different speeds. Ultimately, I want people and equines to go from confusion, uncertainty and stress to finding peace in their daily interactions. Peace of mind that allows them to follow their path. Peace of understanding allows people not to be judgemental.

I combine the science of behaviour, balanced with the feel for the practical application and an understanding of human behaviour change to create a space where people can safely, learn and grow from fear. A community where people can find their own voice and feel that they are not alone.

Pam Levy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Ben Hart has changed the way I see and work with my horses. He has a true understanding of equines, and can help you find a way to work with yours that involves trust, confidence-building, and safe yet progressive stretching of comfort zones. Along with in-person clinics and training, Ben offers an absolute gold mine of e-books and online learnings. He's also built an incredible online "equine centered community" for his students and like-minded equestrians. So even if you can't get to Ben in person, you can still take full advantage of his amazing wealth of knowledge. "

Personal commitments and principles

I believe in putting the animal first in every situation, always working with the principle, “do no harm,” a principle which creates safe, ethical training. To achieve this I use the practical application of the science of behaviour, not methods built on personal interpretation, marketing or showmanship skills.  I believe in educating owners so you can develop your own skills and solve your problems. I feel that trainers should walk the talk, to do what they say they are doing and to work for the benefit of the horse, not for the benefit of their own ego. 

Every situation is unique, so I believe in creating individual solutions for each equine and human partnership. Allowing the horse to learn rather than making them learn is vitally important to ethical training, where working quietly with the animal and doing small things leads to big changes.

To make this happen

I want to share a membership community where people can feel connected to like-minded people on a similar journey.  A community, where I can use my time and technology to support the growth of the members, in a safe empowering environment, wherever they are in the world. I want to provide learning and training based on the science of behaviour without losing the balance of art and feel during communication. I want to answer people’s questions and allow them to explore their relationship with the horse, donkey or mule and with horsemanship in general.

However, life is busy and I feel it is important to allow time for people to process and learn. Members shouldn’t be overwhelmed with content that they find it all too much.

So what’s included in the Equine Centre Behaviour Community with Ben

There will be a:

  • A monthly online training module. These modules are easy to follow, instructive, participatory and practical but not overwhelming. They will take you on a journey from the true nature of equines, through to the science of behaviour, practical application and human behaviour to more advanced behaviour learning.
  • A monthly live coaching session. Join in ask questions and feel connected. Gain more insight into each month’s learning. The session will be recorded for members to watch later if you can’t make the live session, or you just want to watch it again.
  • A recorded Q&A session, so members can get answers from me directly, but also other members can enjoy the benefits of other members questions.
  • An online community where members can ask questions, share progress and support each other
  • A community page, where you can personally ask me your behaviour questions.
  • Access to private content that I will share, as I create it for other sources such as conferences, eBooks, films, webinars and books, I will share here and nowhere else.
  • Free resources, webinars, video, eBooks, and articles that are relevant to learning, I have so much content to share I will add some of the most relevant to the site for you to explore, at your own free will.
  • There will be guest sessions, where I invite other quine professionals that I trust, to provide advice on their specialist areas of knowledge, such as saddlery, hoof care, behaviour, dentistry etc.
  • A member’s discount to use for new online courses.  

All of this for only £19 a month with a cancel anytime guarantee, and the first month is free for you to check it all out 

I want to take members on a journey from wherever you are now to a point of clarity and peace with your equines. I will take members on a journey through finding your inner voice and trusting it, through to finding you authentic voice and finally to be able to use your authentic voice with others. I want you to become confident, comfortable with their equine partnerships. 

With monthly sessions to support your monthly learning module, you will feel supported without being overwhelmed. I know that to succeed the community has to be fun to work with and you have to enjoy the journey. 

Being part of the Equine Centred Behaviour Community with Ben Hart means;

  • You will feel more contented with your journey to be a better more trustworthy human for your equine
  • You will learn to work safely for both you and your equine
  • You will continue to learn and grow your skills that will change how you work forever
  • You will have a more trusting confident equine partner
  • You will feel more relaxed and look forward to working with your equine with anticipation rather than fear or worry
  • You will learn to listen to your equine and trust yourself to meet their needs 

Feeling that you are supported and understood allows you to develop trust in yourself. Most importantly the knowledge that you have access not only to me but to a whole community of supportive like-minded people who know where you are coming from and what you are experiencing is very empowering. You are not alone.

The first month is free so that you can check how it all works. You can help shape the community by feeding back to me what you like, and want more of, and telling me what’s missing. You can be part of creating something for everyone to benefit from.

I am happy to say this community is not going to be for everyone, however: 

  • Do join if you want to learn, even when learning is difficult and even scary
  • Do join if you want to work in an equine centred way
  • Do join if you are looking for long term solutions 
  • Do join if you can accept other people’s journeys, and are ready to listen without judgement.
  • Do join if you are prepared to be vulnerable sometimes for the sake of learning and the sake of your equines
  • Do join if you want a uniquely individual approach to working and being with equines based on the science of behaviour, and understand the statement “it, depends”
  • Do join if you accept that the journey is more important than then outcome or results 
  • Do join if you are prepared to commit to making it work and sticking with it, doing what needs to be done.
  • Do join if you don’t need to wear the badge, or get the T-shirt 

If you sign up and change your mind for any reason you can cancel your membership anytime.

Kathy Pfeffer, "I would highly recommend Ben's courses. I have learned so much in the April 2020 four week online course  Thank you, Ben, for presenting your online course in such a fun and interesting manner!"

Rhonda Stock ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I absolutely love Ben's style of teaching, his equine-centred approach, and the way he supports each of us on our journeys. The things I've learned being part of the Equine Centred Community have made a huge difference in the lives of the ponies and donkeys at our small sanctuary! And Ben is always there to help and support me if I run into an issue that I don't know how to handle. I highly, highly recommend his courses and the Equine Centred Community!

Sign up now, experience your first month for free as we prepare to start our journey together.